Whiplash Injury Treatment in London

whiplash injury treatment in London

What is whiplash and what is the best treatment for whiplash in London?

Treatments for whiplash include:

  • keeping your neck mobile and continuing with your normal activities – using a neck brace or collar is not recommended. Ice packs – but with a piece of clothing between the skin not to freeze burn the skin. 10 minutes max at the time, but repeat several time with a gap of another 10 minutes. See an osteopath, physiotherapist or acupuncturist.
  • Complications of whiplash

    Because whiplash can cause symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, hearing loss, and back and neck pain, it is imperative that accident victim consult with an traffic accident osteopath in London

    Prolonged or severe pain in whiplash

    can make it very difficult to do daily activities and enjoy your leisure time. The length of time it takes to recover from whiplash can vary and is very hard to predict. Many people will feel better within a few weeks or months, but sometimes it can last up to many years and result in arthritis and change of cervical curvature.

    Some gentle osteopathy or physiotherapy manipulation of the neck

    Some gentle osteopathy or physiotherapy manipulation of the neck can help re-aligning the cervical spine and together with soft tissue massage and acupuncture for the pain a full recovery is in most cases expected pretty fast unless there is major tissue damage. Our acupuncturist can help with pain relief and reduction of muscle spasm..

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