Sciatica Treatment in London

What is sciatica and what is the best treatment for sciatica in London?

Sciatica is a pain beginning in the lower back and traveling down the buttock, legs and feet, as well as a tingling, numbness, weakness in the back of the legs and feet. It is the result of an irritation to the sciatic nerve. It might be present in all these areas or just some of them - sometimes you will have lower back pain and sometimes not - it all depends on which nerve fibres in the sciatic nerve that are affected. The sciatic nerve runs from five nerve roots at the base of the spinal cord, traveling through the buttocks and forming a thick nerve bundle. From there its five branches extend down to different parts of the thighs, legs and feet.

Health is composed of structure, bio-chemical and mental factors, which must be equally, balanced producing the triad of health. When a person has ill health, at least one of these factors is involved and often two or three. The principle of AK is to analyse and check all three factors and treat any or all that are disrupted.

Sciatica may worsen drastically

  • when sitting or attempting knee-to-chest exercises, and may appear to improve when walking, lying down or with movements that extend the spine. As sciatica can affect any of the five different nerve roots traveling to different parts of the buttock, legs and feet, symptoms may vary drastically among patients..
  • The sciatica might be caused by

  • an injury to the intervertebral disc, a herniated disc, slipped disc, prolapsed disc, bulging disc (these terms are pretty overlapping and often used for the same thing). Sciatica can be caused by a tight muscle next to the sciatic nerve - and several other causes - however, any nerve impingement must not be ignored and needs to be checked - and addressed before it requires more serious treatment such as steroid injection or lumbar disc surgery for sciatica.
  • Which is the best treatment for sciatica in London?

    An effective osteopathy or physiotherapy treatment program for sciatica in London

    will address all the factors contributing to your sciatica. Chiropractic treatment for sciatica is also a possibility, but as we do not have a chiropractor here we will concentrate on osteopathy and physiotherapy treatment for sciatica. You sciatica treatment will begin with a thorough case history and examination to find out if your sciatica is caused mainly by a lumbar disc herniation or if it is another nerve impingement or irritation that is likely to cause your sciatica.

    If it is a prolapsed disc that is the cause of sciatica

    we will not only give you treatment for your prolapsed disc but we will find out what is the cause of your disc lesion - whether it is a twisted spine due to a compensation for a knee injury, which then also needs to have treatment parallel with the area around your disc or your lifestyle consisting of a wrong sitting posture at work. There is little point in helping you sciatica symptoms and treating your disc bulge if we don't address the real reaon and cause of you issue in the first place - then your sciatica will just return again.

    Local treatment of sciatica when caused by a herniated disc.

    Treatment usually involves decompressing of the affected region of the spine with manual adjustments to improve spinal alignment and flexibility. Realignment of the vertebrae and restoring the spine’s structural function allows greater movement in the back while taking pressure off the nerves. It might require stretching exercises, as well as physiotherapy and a regimen of lower back rehabilitation exercises.

    The vast majority of the time, sciatic pain can be relieved

    through a combination of stretches, deep tissue massage of the piriformis muscle and osteopathy or physiotherapy. Our acupuncturists can give good relief for sciatica and many will find that the best treatment for sciatica is acupuncture in London. As lumbar disc surgery including microdiscectomy involves cutting of tissues there will be a varying degree of scar tissue formation in the local area which can then later cause side effects later.It is strongly adviced to leave disc surgery as last resort as it is the most invasive option - and if the real cause of the disc lesion behind the sciatica is not addressed at the same time your sciatca will return anyway. A lumbar disc surgery can often give a good and quick relief of the pain, but your spine risks less mobility at that level, which will in some cases put more workload onto the neighbouring disc, which then will be next one up for surgery. As said before: There is little point in helping you sciatica symptoms and treating your disc bulge if we don't address the real reason and cause of you issue in the first place - then your sciatica will just return again.


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