Tension Headaches and Migraines

What is tension headaches and migraines and what is the best treatment for headaches in London?

What causes me to have headaches?

Chronic stress and tension is one of the primary causes of headaches, but headaches can also occur as a result of conditions affecting the joints in the neck, such as whiplash, herniated discs, diseases like arthritis and wear and tear of joints in the neck.
When these joints or the spongy discs between them go out of alignment, they can press on nerves that serve localised muscles and other tissues, resulting in chronic headaches.
Tension in the muscles of the neck and head can also cause inflammation which can be a primary contributor to chronic headaches..

Most headaches respond very well to osteopathy and physiotherapy treatment, and many seek acupuncture and sports massage, which is a fairly deep massage to relieve the tension of neck muscles that might cause your headache.
It is advised to first see an osteopath or physiotherapist who specializes in diagnosing the reason why you have your particular headache or migraine.

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