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Trusted by Olympic Champions

Over the years we have looked after around 50 Olympic and World Champions and World Record Holders.


It was the sports background of founder, osteopath Torben Hersborg, that gave him the inspiration to build a practice specialising in effective sports orientated treatment – including injury treatment, rehabilitation and literally to tune up the healthy body to perform at it’s best in competition.
For this he has over the years assembled a team of experts around him including osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, acupuncture etc.
Some of our practitioners have themselves competed at International level – even at Olympic Games.

We are proud to have been with Christine Ohuruogu since she was a young contender and dreaming of a British title.
To succeed you need to train harder than your opponents and Christine knows better than any how to push through when it matters.
She is a great ambassador for her sport.

sports injury clinic in london for the best in the world

Worlds best Christine Ohuruogu with osteopath Torben

Christine took the World titles in the 400m both in 2007 and 2009. She picked up Olympic Gold in 2008, followed by Olympic Silver in 2012. In 2016 she won a relay medal for Britain

We are used to the giving osteopathy to the best in the World and we include you too!

  • YOU are welcome – as we look after top athletes, we aim at providing the same best recovery for you – even if you are not a top athlete you deserve the same care as an Olympic Champion.
  • All practitioners at Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic are “hand-picked” for their skills and attitude towards their care for you.
  • We all feel a tremendous pride in helping people recover the best possible way.
  • It is of cause impossible to say which is the best osteopathy clinic in London or the best physiotherapy clinic in London, but we certainly are amongst the best in performing our best and putting our teamwork into good use.

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