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Event Osteopathy


“The only man who touches my back (when there are problems) is Torben.

He is THE BEST. When I was told my back would take 2 weeks to fix – Torben had me on my feet in 2 days. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

…..Anna Friel

Emergency Osteopaths and Emergency Physio

We are asked to visit film sets, concert halls and sports events to speed up recovery – usually we only have minutes or so to perform to our best.
At a film set, where 30 people rely on one actor being able to perform smoothly – or backstage at live TV shows, theatres and concert halls or at sports events, performers sometimes are in the need of a little miracle by an experienced osteopath or physiotherapist to be able to perform at all.
These situations require an osteopath or physiotherapist who is used to the pressure of making the right diagnosis and treatment decisions plus the technical skills to being able to improve the movement and pain level for a performer in distress – with the extreme pressure of working against time with producers counting the seconds (to keep 30 plus crew waiting is not good…), with a full concert hall waiting for the lead singer getting his voice back or an emergency treatment in a rain break at Wimbledon.

Anna Friel with London osteopath Torben Hersborg at the set of “Marcella” 2016

Osteopath home visits and physiotherapy home visits

We do osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage at events

If you need an experienced osteopath or physiotherapist for an emergency treatment at a film set, theatre, concert hall, TV studio or as home visit please give us a call and speak to Torben Hersborg, principal osteopath, who will be happy to advise the best solution for a home visiting osteopath or physiotherapist in London.
If it is important to have a precise diagnosis and effective treatment you need to find the best osteopath in London or the best physiotherapist in London for you needs.
There are some osteopathy and physiotherapy clinics offering home visits or treatments at events and you should seek personal recommendations,who your contacts find is the best osteopath or physiotherapist for you as there in some situations is no room for hesitation.

With osteopathy, physiotherapy, naturopathy and sports injury clinics in kings cross and Shoreditch, we are conveniently located for Central London, the City, Moorgate, Canary Wharf, Docklands, North, West, South and East London, Islington, Kings Cross, Euston, St Pancras, Moorgate, West end, Camden, City, Chelsea, Harley Street, Kensington, Knightsbridge and postcodes:N1, W1, W2, W8, NW1, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1 for a complete health care.

Our Hoxton clinic is serving Shoreditch, City, Hackney, Moorgate, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street and post codes: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E1, E2, N1.

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