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Neck pain treatment in London

Neck pain clinics in London

What do I do if I have a neck pain? - - Can I find an osteopath near me? - - or should I find a physiotherapist near me? - - On this page we will try to give advice on how to help neck pain - - What do I do if I have a neck pain? - - Can I find an osteopath near me? - - or should I find a physiotherapist near me? - - On this page we will try to give advice on how to help neck pain - -

How do I help my neck pain?

naturipath treating a patient ina naturopathy clinic in Central London


One of the most common causes of days off work in the UK.
how to sleep on an orthopedic pilow
Neck pain is one of the biggest reasons for sick leave in the UK.
You can find treatment for neck pain in London and neck pain is one of the most common complaints that our osteopaths and physiotherapists see.
There are many causes for neck pain including sitting poorly at work or at home, driving, flying, train seats and lifting apart from sports – and even neck rehabilitation exercises not suited to your neck or not taught or performed correctly.

Tips for neck pain – sleeping postures:

tips on correct sleeping posture is important for neck injuries
To optimise the quality of your sleep and the results of the treatments we offer at Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic, we recommend you pick up an appropriate sleeping position.
Countless times we see patients who present neck pain after “sleeping funny”.
The best sleeping positions are side lying and on your back:
In a side lying position, you can best support your spine by creating a neutral position for the entire spine. The pillow height and design plays an important part as well to provide adequate comfort and filling in this position.
Your pillow should support the head in a way that creates a neutral spine throughout, meaning it is possible to draw a horizontal line from your head to your pelvis.
An extra pillow could be placed in between your thighs to level your pelvis.
Sleeping on your back, a flat pillow is necessary to keep your spine neutral.
It needs to be placed under your neck curve to fill this space without lifting your chin up.
If you are a back sleeper try to avoid big pillows that cause your chin to tuck forward.
Remember nonetheless that we all have different musculature, shoulder width, heights and there is no such thing as one solution fits all. At Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic we propose a pillow with neck support that we think fits most people’s needs.

Tips for looking after neck pain in London

Stretch before you sit

Before sitting at work or in the sofa – even travelling – stretch out your muscles to avoid tension that can cause or worsen your discomfort.

Get a keyboard

When working on your laptop attach a keyboard and mouse and place the laptop on o box or similar so it is at eyen level.

Get up

Get up often when you are sitting and move about. It is like surfacing for a gasp of fresh air when diving. Frequent stretching and movements of your neck will help prevent it from stiffening up when you are doing a couple – or more – hours of sitting

We will add more tips about neck stretches and advice for neck pain, so please come back in the future

the best neck pain treatment could be the osteopathic manipulation.

What is the best treatment for neck pain?

Treatment for neck pain:
Most neck pains have a mechanical reason to be there and as such a mechanical approach such as osteopathy or physiotherapy are ideal methods to free up the compressed joints and stiff muscles plus advicing on correct posture at work and at home.
People usually would see one of our osteopaths or physiotherapists for neck pain – and conveniently based in Central London we often can see you on the same day if you book early enough.
If you want to find a neck pain clinic near me look no further.
With our Osteopathy and Sports injury clinic in Shoreditch, we are conveniently located for osteopathy in  Central London, the City, Angel, Islington, Canary Wharf, Docklands, North, West, South and East London and is easily accessible from anywhere in London via London buses and trains and whether you are local or not, we will do our best to make your journey worth it.
Nearest tube stations: Old Street, Shoreditch High Street, Moorgate and Liverpool Street.

How do I find the best osteopaths in London?

To find the best osteopath in London for your neck pain, sciatica or other injury you should first ask your friends or colleagues who the think is their best osteopath in London .
You can also look up in google search for positive reviews and that way find the best osteopathy clinic in London according to other users experiences. To find the best physiotherapist in London by looking at the website of the physiotherapy clinic itself can also give good hints although you must be aware that it has been written by the physiotherapist himself with one of the main aims of letting you know that he is the best physiotherapist for you – and we are no different to all other physiotherapists in London on that point.
But please give us a call on 020 7739 5666 because it is impossible to say which is the best physiotherapy or osteopathy clinic in London – but we promise that our physiotherapists and osteopaths are very experienced, hands-on and will do their very best for you.
We have been going since 1991 and literally handpicked our osteopaths one by one.

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