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Corona Advice


But we will close for a little while – please follow us on instagram: @centrallondonosteopathy for updates and advice

We are always doing our outmost for safety – for our clients and our staff.
We have decided to go further in these times of battling a deadly virusL

We are closing the clinic for a while, staying in our homes and encouraging everybody to do the same – by avoiding contact the virus will not have anybody to spread to and we can slow down the curve to take pressure off the hospitals and buy some time for antivirals and immunisations to be produced.


Until then, this was how we handled the situation:

Our practitioners will be wearing masks and gloves when giving you treatment and we disinfect the treatment rooms and reception all the time so you will not touch any infected surfaces.

Our air is cleaned with ionisers (charging viral particles with negative electrons, so they get pulled to the ground by the positive charge of the Earth), air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV-C light that kills live cells and difusers of antiviral essential oils for even healthier air.

During night we will have the rooms disinfected by large UV lightbulbs.

All these measures are in place to protect you, but we need to protect the clinic and all our clients from others unintentionally contaminate the clinic, so:
We cannot treat you if you have flu symptoms, you will not be allowed entry and we will check for temperature at arrival.

You will be required to wash your hands and be given a mask to wear during your stay and you might even be able to buy some for your personal use.
We will not shake your hand without our gloves and we will open the doors for you etc to prevent you touching surfaces.

This will protect the clinic, staff and other clients.

But we will still give you the same smiling welcome and quality of care – we just want to be sure that we are the safest place in London
Please follow us on instagram for tips on how to keep yourself protected from this coronavirus: #centrallondonosteopathy
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1- Wash hands to stop contact spread to mouth, eyes and nose – VERY FREQUENTLY!
2- Face mask (finer weave the better).
3- Movement: 30 to 60 mins a day of moderate exercise boosts your immune system.
4- Immune boosting foods:
Zinc (beef, pumpkin seeds)
Vit D (Sun, eggs, mushrooms)
Vit C (citrus fruits, cruciform veg)
Vit A (carrots, sweet potatoes)
Selenium (brazil nuts, sardines)
Garlic (decrease mucus)
Turmeric (decrease inflammation)

5- Sleep 7 to 9 hours in a dark quiet cool room allows your system to rebuild
6- Get your mouth and gut in order (70 to 80% of your immune cells are in your gut
Pro and pre biotics Kombucha kimchi etc
A leaky gut will let stuff into your blood stream. Your mouth bacteria are your first defence against virus and unwanted bacteria entering your body.
Clean your teeth with coconut oil, its anti viral.
7- Ditch junk food
processed foods
Over refined oils (Soya, Canola, corn and sunflower oil).
As they increase inflammation and decrease immune response.
The liver needs to be detoxed as it eliminates waste, aids T cell manufacture, also a fatty liver is less efficient and surrounded by toxins.
Glutathione gets stuff out of the cells. Make sure your lymphatics are clear. Water !!! . Deep breathing.
8- Turn off your WIFI at night as it decreases white cell activity which is needed to kill viruses.
9- Meditate 15 to 30 mins per day as this reduces stress and increases immune resistance as the body’s energy is used for that, not having to deal with other fight or flight responces. Box breathing ( the square 4×4 seconds breath used by the SAS).

For emergencies, please text us on: 07882194958

We will do our very best to fit you in as soon as possible. In return we expect you to give us good notice if you do not need your appointment so we can fit in someone else in need.
You can change or cancel your appointment online or by calling us on 02077395666 as soon as possible so we can try to reallocate your appointment.
Our osteopaths and physiotherapists are registered with all major health insurances except for BUPA and AXA/PPP who have reduced their client allowance to a level that will not make it viable for most clinics in Central London to work with them as the members are not allowed to top up to the normal fee.

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